Gripple is another logic based puzzle, you may have noticed that they're quite popular around here. The idea is inspired by an old logic puzzle called Gripple, which was marketed by M-Squared Inc. The objective of the game is to rotate groups of 4 'pieces' in order to arrange the 16 pieces in different pre-determined patterns.


  • 2 Game Modes
  • Achievements
  • Highscore Tables
  • Smooth Animations
  • Unique Control System

'Classic' Mode

The objective of the classic mode is to arrange all the pieces into the numerically correct order. Due to the square nature of the puzzle there are 4 perfectly valid ways of achieving this. You can compete against your own highscores in-order to help improve your times.

'Arcade' Mode

Arcade mode is a more fast paced dynamic version of the 'Classic' mode. In this mode you will be competing against the clock to try and improve your score. During this mode you can score points and increase your time limit by creating specific patterns. Unlike 'Classic' mode, there are many different patterns which will help to increase your score.

Whilst discovering new scoring patterns you will also be recieving Achievements which can be viewed from the menu. These Achievements will help to add replayability to the game and ensure you enjoy it for hours on end.


As the game is still in the development stage we don't have any screenshots that we feel would show the game in it's best light. Watch this space.

System Requirements

Targetted at the mobile market, Gripple is aimed at the Windows Mobile platform, the exact system requirements will be listed as and when the full version of the game nears completion.

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