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Jul 06
I'm Beginning to Think We're Spoiling You

Well today I'm going to start with the bad news. You remember that lovely sun I was talking about a few days ago? Well it recently decided that it's had enough of burning me to a crisp and has decided to sling it's hook, giving way to a colossal amount of precipitation (he means it's raining - Ed).

The only rays of sunshine to be seen then, are the new features I'm happy to introduce to you today.

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Jul 06
Site Problems

Anybody that has been trying to look at our site recently may have noticed that there have been a few issues over the last few days. These problems include but aren't necessarily limited to the menu linking to invalid pages and strange layout problems. Don't be unduly worried, they are basically side effects caused by the tinkering we are doing on the site.

Some of the things we are working on will add new functionality to the site, whilst a lot of it is just an attempt to streamline the code and make our lives easier.

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Jul 01
Sun, Sun, Sun

Another new feature on the site is one that won't effect you folks directly. But has the indirect result that I might actually update the news a bit more often. As I said in my last post, I've been busy learning how to write PHP script. This has allowed me to automate the process of posting news.

Rather than having to trawl through html files to update the news, I now simply login to my newly constructed admin control panel, type out a news item and click submit. By now you all should have realised just how lazy I am, anything that makes my life easier is well worth shouting about.

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Jun 30
Have No Fear, We're Still Here

Well, don't worry folks, we haven't dissappeared off the face of the planet afterall and we are infact still alive. Whoop, go us. So you ask, "Where the hell have you been?".

My answer to you is a simple one, we've been busy... enjoying the sun. Yes, it's beautifull weather so we've been sunning it up. The good news however is that we're not complete wasters so some work has got finished. I personally have been teaching myself PHP. This has one major upside for you our fine viewers, the 'Contact Us' section is finally live.

Now this isn't all we've been working on, but that's all I've got time for right now. Please stay tuned for more updates over the next couple of days.

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Apr 15
This Update Malarki Could Become a Habit

Today is a momentus day, the TiB-Studios.co.uk website has finally gone live. This site will be used as a place to showcase our work. Stay tuned for more information as we gradually update the site. In the mean time, if you can't wait, then tough. Quit being so impatient. Remember, as your nan probably used to tell you, "Patience is a virtue".

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