TiB Studios

TiB Studios is a very small team of software developers based in the east midlands (in the UK for our international viewers).

We work on various different types of development projects, basically we'll tackle anything that takes our fancy. Hell we'd probably mow your lawn or paint your shed if the price was right.

Whilst we always try to maintain a high level of professionalism, we also don't like to take anything too seriously and generally just go with the flow.

The Team

Without further ado lets introduce the extremely talented, eternally committed members of our team.

Director & Chief Excutive Officer - Peter O'Callaghan

As a founder of the company Peter has been with us since the very begining. A dedicated member of the team, he never comes down heavily on his subordinates. No body here could imagine working for a nicer boss.

Chief Technical Officer - Peter O'Callaghan

Joined the company roughly 2 minutes, 50 seconds after it was founded by our illustrious leader (when he realised he had no technical expertise so a development company might be an odd choice of career path), Peter has been here since the start. Yet despite the lows and the even lowers he has remained a faithfull employee

Lead Programmer - Peter O'Callaghan

Along with the CTO, its this mans job to sculpture the direction that each and every project we work on travels in. Does a simple calculator application really need a built in flight simulator, perhaps not, but boy doesn't it sound like a fun idea... Pete, put the kettle on we have work todo!

Developer - Peter O'Callaghan

Whilst the lead programmer and CTO spend their lives in the glamourous world of brainstorming and creating plans, its this poor boy that does all the grunt work to bring the project together.

Web Developer - Peter O'Callaghan

No, believe it or not the site your looking at wasn't found in a cabbage patch. Admittedly it's not a totally original piece of work, but still required much tinkering to meet our needs. Who was drafted in to do said tinkering, along with meeting our other Internet based needs, well it was Peter of course.

Mobile Developer - Peter O'Callaghan

We here at TiB Studios have a strong pedigree when it comes to developing for the Mobile market. Why? Because of all the swet, tears and sleepless nights but in by this young man.

General Errand Boy A.K.A. Company Bitch - Peter O'Callaghan

Always given the short end of the stick, its Petes job to do all the little things that nobody else on the company can be bothered with. Need a new keyboard? Petes job to fetch one. Fancy a quick cuppa? Petes job to make one. After a backrub? Find somebodey else to do it, what kind of a company do you think we're running here?! Geez.

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